Simpler and Uncomplicated Connections

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In last week’s articlewe talked about how we like to complicate things and make our lives much more dramatic than necessary occasionally. We’ve got judgments, pre-conceived thoughts, interpretations of what if/what is assumed to be and so on.

As promised, we’ll discuss now what BEING Human means and what are the options we have. Bear in mind, when I said: An enlightened mind simplifies and comes to a full circle of the human experiences and becomes a HU-MAN BEING, in the real sense.

Let’s now work on understanding how to become more educated and up the notch to become a works-in-progress enlightened human being.

You will discover that many of the pointers below are related to what we say, how we behave and about transforming how we think.

But before I begin discussing I also want you to know that, as careful as you may be we also cannot control how others perceive us, so all we can do is to do our best. I, for one, am often misunderstood. Individuals who do not know me think I am trapped or arrogant due to how they perceive the way I behave. Whereas some say I am a very confident person. So, it’s actually about interpretation.

Now because we cannot change the minds of others, after they have made up their minds, we have to know to be OK with how other people perceive you. And not allow it negatively affect you.

So here goes:
When it comes to talking: a few of you may know this already.
Can it be better for me to not say anything? This isn’t to say that we can’t say things in jest and that we have to be serious all the time. It depends on situations. And occasionally saying things in jest in some circumstances could save others or yourself some embarrassment and could work to your advantage. Now, if you’re uncertain, then it is best to keep quiet.

When it comes to knowing what others have said to you or said/written about you, often, unfortunately, we listen to what we would like to hear, and this can cause misunderstanding. So to get a more positive filter, do this:
Ask yourself, am I interpreting this wrong because of how I feel about this person? Am I having a bad day?
Is it a relationship that I put value in? If it’s not a significant one, then let it go if things are really directed to you. If that is a relationship you appreciate, it is always best to clarify with the individual from a place of love and understanding rather than in a violent confrontation, with the aim to fix the relationship. And maybe we could develop some empathy for them.
If their behaviour affects you, then being patient and talking to them about it helps.
Againthe same question of how much value you put in this relationship comes to play here. If there is no value, merely let it go.

Occasionally, you’re expected to take immediate action to deal with this with other people. And sometimes, you need to take more time for yourself to mull things over.
These are some necessary measures you can take. I know it sounds as if it is so complicated that we have to question everything. No, this is not my intent for you to self-doubt or have these questions running through your head all the time. If you’ve got no awareness, then you’d probably be reactive to situations, and this may create a battle, and that is when you will take some time to think things through.

I can guarantee you that the above steps will become simpler, it is like learning how to ride a bike, once you learn it and with daily exercise, it will become second nature.

There’s a lot more to how we can uncomplicate our lives, I’ll discuss more in the coming weeks!

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