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Our Products:

Our farm is located in west Michigan.  We raise rare and critically endangered sheep.  

Our registered Leicester Longwool Sheep produce a wool that typically grows an inch a month.  The luster is the highest in this wool.  It is a very strong wool. It felts well, spins wonderfully and is used in products for outer wear, tapestry, or woven rugs.  It is gorgeous in its natural color of white, black or English Blue - but it takes dye better than any other wool and retains its luster.

Our registered Romeldale-CVM Sheep produce a fine wool.  The lock is typically four to six inches long.  This wool is in great demand due to the "hand" experienced by hand sinners - pure luxury.  Next-to-skin softness.

Both breeds also produce a delicate flavored (meat) lamb.  We have lambs that will be ready for harvest in the fall.  Please see the lamb meat page for details.

Grass-based. Sustainable.

We have raw, well skirted fleeces, washed fleeces, mill spun yarns (from our sheep)

Our lamb is raised on pasture for up to six months.  We do not feed the lambs grain, added hormones, unnecessary antibiotics.  Our lambs are humanely handled at processing and you pick them up from the local processor.  It is the best You can eat!

Critically endangered sheep that produce fine wool in many natural colors.  They also produce a gourmet flavored lamb.


Critically endangered at sheep at Time Together Farm in Fennville that produce lustrous strong wool and delicious meat.  The wool is preferred by hand spinners, especially when spinning from the lock.