Roving prepared by a Michigan mill available at $4 per ounce.  Four ounce minimum.  Actual shipping added.

Leicester Longwool locks - vibrant and shining.  Just doesn't get any better than this!

This a knitted vest from lock spun Leicester Longwool locks.

Skeins of approximately 250 yards $32.00 each

One suggested use of Leicester Longwool is to dye the locks and spin them into an art yarn.  They take dye very well and continue to show a lot of luster!

Spring 2016 raw well-skirted fleeces available $12/pound and up.  Average size of fleece is six pounds. Actual shipping added.  Contact us for availability and pricing!  They have been selling well on Facebook.

Hand spun Leicester Longwool

Romeldale and Leicester Longwool roving available in natural colors of white, gray, tan.